Tips for Staying Connected Using Digital Marketing

Our current environment is changing daily. With the future remaining uncertain, financial institutions must be quick to adapt and utilize all resources available to maintain business as usual, even in unusual circumstances.

Now more than ever, your customers/members need to be able to connect with you and feel a sense of protection. With social distancing practices and shelter-in-place orders in effect around the globe, it may seem like connections are strained. Despite this new temporary normal, you can still maintain your customer/member connections.

It is important to meet your audience where they are – in the digital space. In the month of March Marquis clients used DocuMatix to send more than 87 million emails to their employees and customer/members. How did you communicate with your employees and customers/members?

Here are some helpful tips and best practices to help you navigate the digital marketing space.

Don’t Neglect Internal Communications

Your front line needs to stay in the know in order to provide accurate and timely information to customers/members. Ensure your staff stays updated on things such as operational changes, new procedures and branch closures through internal emails or newsletters. Providing accurate information to your employees will be key in maintaining customer/member trust and making them feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

Utilize Text Messaging and Email

Because in-person interaction is at a mandatory minimum, maintaining timely contact through texting and emails where appropriate will be most impactful. Consider creating a text message key word just for emergency notifications and notify your audience about branch closures and modified hours. Emails and text messages are a quick, effective way to ensure your message is delivered.

Apply Real-Time, Accessible Updates

With branch closures and modified business hours changing daily, your customers/members are looking for your updates. In addition to text messages and emails, post on your institution’s social media accounts and website with frequent, important news regarding new procedures, branch closings, etc. Messages should be clear, easily accessible and should provide your customers/members with the affirmation that you have their backs.

Maintain Web Forms to Schedule Appointments

Web forms are your new best friend. Provide appointment scheduling options through webforms placed on your website or in emails to schedule virtual appointments and minimize in-person branch visits to maintain safe social distancing requirements. Web forms will ensure accurate staffing levels are maintained and personalized interactions still occur.

Stay Vigilant and Flexible

A strong digital marketing platform is imperative for every financial institution. Evaluate what works for your institution and where your strategies could use change. Visit to learn more about DocuMatix, the Marquis digital marketing product suite.