Marketing Automation

Daily updates capture events, behaviors and transactions then automatically trigger emails, letters and/or texts.

Website Monitoring

Traffic on any web page triggers automated communications, turning every visit into a marketing opportunity.

Data Analytics

Marquis software and expert analysts mine raw data for patterns, key information and predictors to guide executive decisions.

Marketing Software

ExecuTrax automatically updates and monitors transactions, events and behaviors to automatically trigger a daily marketing message. This solution consolidates multiple systems into one relational database built specifically for financial institutions.

CallTrax NEXT is a CRM system designed exclusively for financial institutions. At Marquis, we speak your language, and have built a CRM system with features and functionality designed around financial services practices, with terms that are recognizable and intuitive.

DocuMatix is our digital marketing suite designed specifically for financial institutions. More than email, it combines key digital and mobile marketing tools in one intuitive interface. Email marketing, automated surveys, event management, and text messaging are all included. DocuMatix On Demand brings marketing automation to your digital marketing, delivering messages in real time or when you schedule them.

WebTrax gives you the ability to identify your website visitors shopping for specific products and, just as important, automatically communicate with them via email or print. You can leverage one of your greatest marketing assets – your website – to directly respond and serve your clients.


Your frontline team gains direct access to all client communications as they happen. CommLink keeps the power of automated marketing relevant with real-time updates. Never again will your frontline team be in the dark about client communications.


Marketing Services

Enjoy the benefits of database marketing, analytics and campaign tracking – without the full-time staff expense. Your OnTrax Strategist will bring your data to life, leveraging it to drive both your strategic and tactical marketing efforts. We provide you with expert guidance in the planning, execution and ROI measurement.

The KEYs are designed to give you greater actionable insight into your data. It is a culmination of hundreds of years of FI marketing experience packaged to be viewed from most screens and shared across your organization. Each KEY addresses a facet of marketing communication critical to driving revenue and engagement.

ZAG Interactive is a web design and development company that goes full throttle on every project from multiple angles: Strategy, Design, Technology and Marketing. We get stuff done. It looks cool, works great and makes you and your audience beam.

The Marquis team of writers, designers, account executives, programmers and production experts take marketing projects from concept to completion. Clients have the ability to send personalized direct mail pieces in addition to emails.