Version 1.6.9 – 11/28/2022

We are pleased to offer you CDTrax version 1.6.9. Please review the upgrade instructions below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST be on CDTrax version 1.6.8 before running this upgrade. If you need assistance, please contact support.

  • Ensure that CDTrax is on Version 1.6.8 BEFORE proceeding.
  • Backup your existing CDTrax software installation; this is IMPORTANT for all releases.
  • Download the upgrade by selecting the Download button.
  • Place the downloaded file onto the server where CDTrax resides.
  • Ensure that all users have exited the software.
  • Launch the downloaded upgrade executable (This may take a few seconds to load so please be patient).


If any questions or challenges are encountered, please do not hesitate to contact Marquis Support.
Our representatives are standing by and ready to assist you.

[email protected] | 800-637-5388