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Business Insights Help Resources – FAQ



We know that understanding your robust Business Insights dashboard and reporting tool is critical – so when you have a question, we have the answers you need. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for insights ranging from extending logout periods, establishing access, and locating reports to place on dashboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What browser should I be using to launch Business Insights?

Google Chrome

How can I determine the version of Business Insights I am currently viewing?

In Business Insights, click on the SUPPORT hyperlink shown in the upper right corner of the page and it will display the version as well as the support contact information.

What is the URL for my Business Insights?

The URL is unique to each institution as it is sitting behind your firewall. Reach out to your system admin to be provided the URL.

How do I provide access to Business Insights to a new user?

Reach out to your system admin at your institution to provide the URL for your system to the new user and to have a new user login created. If you are creating the user login, you’ll navigate to Administration/Permissions from the main menu and select the User sub-category.

Can I limit access to specific fields and functions for certain users?

Yes, administrators of the system can control access on an individual or group basis through roles. Business Insights provides four default roles, but customized roles can be created based on your institution’s needs.

Does my password expire?

Password requirements and settings are managed within the Administration/Permissions/Users page. If it is enabled, your passwords may require a password change within a certain number of days. Reach out to your system admin to learn of your institution’s Business Insights password requirements.

Can I change my password myself?

Yes, click on your name in the upper right corner of the page and then click Reset Password.

Can I edit fields?

Account, household and individual information brought over during the nightly update cannot be edited. If a data correction is needed, it must be made within ExecuTrax which will then get passed over into Business Insights.

Can I extend the automatic logout period?

Yes, both the operating system and the intranet server can be adjusted to allow longer periods of being logged in. For assistance in extending the time frame, please have your System Admin reach out to the Client Support team.

Why am I not seeing a specific dashboard in the drop-down list?

The Dashboards are based on assigned role so if a dashboard has been built for a role that is not assigned to you, it will not be displayed in the drop-down.

Why can I not see a report (within the dashboard element library list) to place on a dashboard?

In order for a report to be available for placement on a dashboard, it must be published within Administration/Reports/Dashboard Elements. When publishing, select all the roles for users that should have access to the report being published.

I saved a report and cannot locate it now. Where did the system place my saved report?

When a report is saved, it will be placed in your Institution folder. If a category was selected or created during the save, then the report will be placed within that category under your Institution folder.

How do I limit who will have access to a report that I saved?

When editing the design of the report, there is a menu for Access Rights. Establish the access rights to be applied to your users based on the role(s) within your organization.

How do I save a filter parameter selection in a report as the default selection moving forward?

Within the report, make the desired filter parameter selections and then choose “Save As”. Once the report is saved, it can be found within your Institution folder under Reporting. This report can also be published in order to be added to a Dashboard, if that is desired.